Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Design is Only One of Many Changes

Since Mom and Dad won't let me have a Facebook page (yet), I have decided to re-launch my highly successful blog from nearly three years ago. You'll notice a new design (I call it bookstore chic) and, oh yeah, I co-editor -- my "little baby Jakey." Most of you know him, but for those who don't, he's my little brother (22 months my junior). All errors and typos are his, as he doesn't know how to spell or type yet. My apologies in advance.

More to come, but that's it for now.

Monday, December 17, 2007

All I Want For Christmas Is A Playoff Run

I fear this post may be received like the Mitchell Report -- long overdue and not very interesting -- but at least I'm trying.

Much has changed, though, since the last time I posted. Most notably, the cellar dwelling Vikings are now national media darlings and in control of their own playoff destiny. (Okay, the most notable thing that has occurred is that I will have to share Mom's and Dad's attention with a new arrival in about six months, but until I meet this new person I'm not sure how I feel about that, so I'm reserving judgment.)

I write this the day of the Viking's Monday Night showdown with the Bears, so I may feel completely differently in 24 hours, but at least there is hope on the frozen tundra. If you can run the ball and stop the run, you have a chance in any game you play. Anyway, as you can see, I've already started tailgating for tonight's game.

What else is new? Dad and I have advanced to the championship game in fantasy football. It's not a team you'd ever want to see on a real field (Kurt Warner as your starting quarterback?), but it works for fantasy football. We caught a break this past week by going up against Brady and Moss the one (and probably only time) they came up empty. That's why you've got to go with indoor/warm weather game sites come playoff time (see also Derek Anderson and Braylon Edwards).

Dad continues to train for triathlons next summer; although, the biggest challenge might be convincing Mom that even an "entry level" triathlon bike costs over $1,000. Some fantasy football winnings would help to defray some of that expense, so go Fighting Amish!

I've been adjusting really well to moving up with the older kids at daycare -- especially when it comes to eating. I'm still not the best eater in the world, but at least I've expanded beyond goldfish crackers and cheese. I'm also on a fairly predictable one-nap schedule, so that Mom and Dad can plan to get things done.

As you can see from the pictures, we've put up our tree. Nothing under it yet, but I'm sure that will change soon. I've got to run -- enjoy the pictures and vote in my new polls.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Cardinal Salvage Football Season

After the abysmal performances of my favorite teams over the last few weeks, I was this close to retitling my blog "The Nick Factor -- A No Sports Zone." That was until the GREATEST UPSET IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL HISTORY -- STANFORD 24 University of Spoiled Children 23! Now I realize that to pull off the greatest upset in college football history, you have to be bad enough to be a 41 point underdog in the first place (and how a team ends up a 41 point underdog in a conference game is beyond me), but I'm taking my victories wherever I can get them at this point.

Of course, we will continue to speak nothing of any teams from Minnesota or Iowa. They are all dead to me.

I apologize that it's been awhile since my last post. My current five second attention span makes even blogging a little bit challenging. But I decided to buckle down and try to bring everybody up to date on what's new:

1. If I walk up and try to head-butt you, that's a sign of affection. Just ask the dogs.

2. By the way, did you know that the dogs have tails you can pull on?

3. "Mama" and "Dada" might mean "Mom" and "Dad" -- but they could also mean "I want someone to pay attention to me!" Depends on the context. Also, "baba" probably means "bottle," "dodo" means "dog," "dis" means "what's this," and "dat" means "what's that."

4. I have to know how everything works and fits together. If I take something apart, don't worry -- I actually will (try to) put it back together again, if you give me enough time.

6. I'm still learning how to count.

7. I introduced Mom to something called "night terrors" a few weeks ago (mine not hers). I may be over that now.

8. Did I mention something about the greatest upset in college football history? Take that Appalachian State!

9. The building where I go to daycare just celebrated its 100th anniversary. They dedicated a time capsule to be opened on October 10, 2107, and it has my picture in it. Mark your calendars.

10. I'm still mostly into the yellow carbohydrate food family, but I have expanded it to include cheese, grilled cheese, eggs (with cheese), and macaroni (with cheese).

11. Mom and Dad got new furniture and drapes for the upstairs family room. You'll have to come over and see it sometime. The only rule is no licking of any body part while you sit on the couch. (So far that's only applied to Emma and Marta, but it's not necessarily limited to dogs.)

12. Oh yeah, Emma cracked a tooth and had to have it pulled. That makes three surgical procedures in the last 12 months. And you thought having kids was expensive.

13. Dad continues his training regimen. It's going to be a little hard to do a triathlon without a bike, but I'm beginning to think he actually may pull this off next summer. He also said something about playing golf like a "choking dog" and "giving up the game."

14. Mom's keeping in good shape, too. She's also had a lot of important stuff going on at work. Apparently she is becoming a "litigator," again -- whatever that means. I think it means more stressed out.

15. Fair warning, if you look away for 10 seconds, I can slide down two flights of stairs feet first on my stomach.

That's it for now. Next time I'll try to include some pictures. I enjoy reading your comments, so please don't hesitate to leave me a note, even if just to let me know you were there.